A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change of Views

As time goes on I find my perspectives and tastes are changing. Last night at dinner I happily took a cob of corn to eat. In the states, I love to put butter and salt on my sweet corn. Here in Uganda, not only am I forgoing butter and salt, I am eating field corn, not ever sweet corn. And I think it is delicious! I even turned to Sister Elgon and said, “This is so sweet.” I also am liking matooke these days. Who would have thought I would enjoy mashed up over cooked plantains?

Another change for me comes in fashion and dress. I will be in Kampala and see a Westerner wearing a tight short skirt and I am appalled. I will see someone walking down the street and can see the outline of their legs through their skirt. In my mind I say, “She needs a slip.” I also see dresses hanging from shops that are 80’s long floral with shoulder pads and think they are cute. I contemplate getting one. Aaahhh! How is this happening to me?

This morning I walked out of my house wearing a dress that comes just barely above my knees and I felt like a hooker. When I am in Kampala it is no big deal but when I’m in the village I feel like everyone is looking at me. But then again, I am white, they are always looking.

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