A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daily Life

Every day in Uganda is different yet the same. I rarely know if it will be a busy day or not. This is due to being at the mercy of other people who do not value time as I do. Some days I leave my house before 7 am and do not return until after 7 pm. Other days I may only leave my house/school compound for an hour total all day.

Even with the uncertainty of my daily schedule there are a few routines I have developed. Before I eat dinner with my nuns around 8 pm, I take a bath and wash the layers of dust and dirt off my feet and body. Almost every night, I fill a basin with water and laundry detergent and put my dirtiest clothes in this basin to soak and loosen their grime out. Each morning I wake up and go out to my bathing area and wash my face and hair. After dressing, I cut up a banana and passion fruit and let them marinate together in a bowl for my breakfast. While they mix I do my laundry and hang it up to dry in the sun all day while I am away. I always try to beat my neighbors in getting my laundry done so that my clothes can hang in the clearest place and not have leaves, fruit, and dirt falling on them all day from the trees our clothes lines are tied to. With this done, I eat my breakfast, put it in a basin of water to soak during the day, sweep each room and walk out the door. When I return from work, I wash my dishes and take my clothes off from the line. At this point there are usually around 50 children loitering around my house waiting for me to play with them. And so, I do.

Love my Ugandan life!

This morning I had finished hanging all my laundry and was over visiting with a teacher across the campus when it began to rain through the sunshine. I rain home and got my clothes off the line. I then quickly gathered all my pails and buckets and put them out to catch the rain. This will save me a trip to the water tank. I felt so Ugandan.

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