A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Saturday, November 13, 2010


As can be imagined when planning a big event, numerous details must be accounted for. I find myself waking at all hours of the night, grabbing the pen and paper I keep next to my bed and writing down the thought that interrupted my sleep. I will be in the middle of a meeting and another item needed for camp will enter my thoughts causing me to falter in the speech I am giving. It seems Camp GLOW is becoming an extension of my body.

While I am overcome with making spreadsheets, creating supply lists, visiting professional Ugandan women’s offices trying to get them to speak at camp, gathering permission slips and passing out packing lists, my girls are so excited they can barely contain themselves. A few nights ago, Zam and Rose Mary came to my door at 10 pm. They are both lame so I can only guess how long it took them to walk the short distance to my house. They brought the packing list with them and wanted to talk about the items listed. Zam doesn’t have a mosquito net. Rose Mary doesn’t have a pink or red shirt. Those were both small matters that they knew we could take care of. What really concerned them was that the packing list enlightened them to the fact that there are going to be sports at camp. What ensued was me reassuring them they would be able to participate and that we would accommodate for all differences in campers. I told them about 5 deaf girls who are coming. This seemed to reassure them a little and by the end they left with big smiles.

Teddy and Daphine came to my house during their lunch yesterday. “Madame Amanda, when exactly are we going to camp?” They have a paper with all the details on it and school doesn’t end till the end of the month so they know it’s not until at least that is over. I smiled and told them we will be leaving in the morning of December 5th. They grinned and ran off to play with their friends.

Beth, Solome’s mom, asked me just the other day about transporting the girls. I have had this detailed conversation with her twice already! Everyone is so excited for camp. I’m excited too but there is a lot that needs to get done before we actually have camp. I’m going to suggest to whoever takes over next year, that they don’t tell campers until the week of! Ha! That might just be a bigger stress than all this other stuff if they actually did that!

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