A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rwanda: Great Medevac Friends

Since we were so close to the boarder with Rwanda when we were at Lake Bunyonyi and Hailey and I had a good medevac friend there, we decided to cross over and visit Kigali. This was our smoothest travel day in all our days of travel. Rwanda is a beautiful clean country and easy to navigate. We met up with our friend Jacelyn in Kigali. Hailey and Jacelyn were able to go to a Radio and Weasel concert (Hailey’s new favorite East African group) one night and the rest of the time we simply hung out and caught up together. I continue to be impressed with the bonds that were made while on medevac. I am very thankful for these girls who supported me and I them, through our tumultuous days of poor health.

We only spent 1 full day in Rwanda and then it was back to Uganda. I took Hailey through our infamous second hand market, Owino, and we had a lovely sushi dinner before she flew back to Niger in West Africa. My Christmas/New Years break this year was a very special time seeing much of East Africa with a dear friend. The friendships and experiences I have gained while in Peace Corps are truly unique and they will shape my life for evermore.

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