A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Pursuit Progresses

Do you remember my serious marriage proposal? I thought things were over but a few weeks after I thought it was over Tony (that's his name) came over to my house. He brought me a wall hanging painting he made for me titled: Work in a changing society. We had an awkward conversation where I tried to refuse but ended up taking it. Then he disappeared for a few weeks. When he surfaced again he brought me a vase he decoupage with my favorite colors. Again, an awkward conversation that resulted in me taking the gift.

I had a herb and few vegetables garden on the side of my house. However, I let it get overgrown and weedy and hadn't made the time to fix it. I was away for the last 2 weeks and upon my return I found the area hoed and beautiful flowers were planted. Tony planted a flower garden for me.

I asked my friends Jen and Annet what I was supposed to do. Jen told me to just appreciate and not worry about anything. I've made myself clear and now I cannot be held responsible for his actions. I never thought I'd be pursued so intently by a man in Uganda. My expectations are always changing in this country.


  1. oh my Amanda! Doesn't surprise me that you're getting love from men in Uganda! :)
    We were saying that you were going to come back married to some chief didn't we?

  2. This does not surprise me at all. Remember the Philippines? Ang and I were so jealous of all the "men" following you around. I knew it would follow you into Uganda.

  3. Ooooh romance in Uganda, eh!?

    Haha - just kidding. You vehemently refuse because you are most definitely coming back to me in the States!!!

    How was your time with Ang?!?