A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My 26th Year Begins

Last week I celebrated the beginning of my 26th year of life. I wasn't expecting to start this year while in South Africa away from my friends and family in Uganda but I did and it turned into a great day.

When I went to breakfast the housekeeping staff were there with smiles and hugs wishing me a happy birthday. Two other medevacees wished me happy birthday and gave me a present full of candies, chips and a PEOPLE magazine. It was sweet.

For lunch we met up with my friend Thomas, a PCV in Uganda. He was here for the World Cup. We ate at a guesthouse down the road from ours and it turned out to be the Algerian base camp. Not really, but it was full of Algerian fans. We were the lone American fans and the Algerian fans let us know they believed they were better than us and going to win. We told them to just wait, they'd see who was the best.

After lunch we walked to the stadium in Pretoria and saw the USA v Algeria game. Our seats were 4 from the front and in the corner near the goal the USA won from! They were great seats and a great game. I was very happy to be dressed up and in the spirit of American pride. The crowds were cheering and American flags were flying.

Before we left for the game we got all dressed up and took pictures with the staff and each other.

Staff at The Rose and us - Go America!

Yes, Cherie got a vuvuzela to blow at the game.

Random Texas guy and flag behind us. But look how close we were to the field!

We ended a fabulous day with homemade brownies (made my Ellyn) and vanilla ice-cream cake with stawberries. They even had candles and sangria. It was wonderful!

After the American victory we considered going to the USA v Ghana game. However, our hearts were too divided. We now live in Africa and want to support the continent but we are also Americas. Since we didn't know who to cheer for we stayed home and watched the game. I painted the Ghana flag on one of Ellyn's cheek and the American flag on the other. Then she had a broken heart on her forhead.

Ghana won. Yah, Africa!

And that's how my 26th year began.


  1. that's a pretty spectacular 26th birthday-- i do hope however that they were gluten free brownies... or else!

  2. Sounds like an AMAZING way to spend your birthday Amanda! I'm so glad it was special :) So jealous that you got to go to the US World Cup game!!

  3. Happy birthday, Amanda! Sounds like it was a great day!