A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

All my 4th of July memories involves warm summer nights, shorts, bbq foods and fireworks. Even last year I was at a bbq at the American Club in Kampala watching fireworks on a hot Ugandan night. This year I found myself in the middle of winter in South Africa. I wore several layers topped with a sweater, jeans and even wool socks.

I was happy to be here with other Americans and we made the most of our home country's Independence day. As Pretoria has wonderful grocery stores we were able to buy skin less boneless chicken breasts (read it and weep my Ugandan friends), bbq sauce, fixings for a pasta salad, sweet corn and ingredients for an apple pie.

We borrowed the guest house's small grill and Cherie got a chance to pretend she's back in Zambia lighting her charcoal clay cooking facility. Jill took advantage of a craving and made the pasta salad she's been dreaming of for months while living in The Gambia. Laura and Jeff boiled real sweet corn, not the field corn they normally eat in Tanzania and South Africa. You ask what I brought to this cooking party? Well of course I was the one who kept everyone's wine glass full.

It was a lovely cold bbq. With an American flag in the middle of the table we were as festive as any American could be. Happy Independence America!

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