A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zambia - Part II: Elephant Safari

We as Peace Corps Volunteers are not racking in the money. Our monthly allowance is enough to cover our basic needs and some months we can even set money aside to be used later. I try and save half to 2/3 of my allowance each month with the intent of using that savings on fun activities and vacations. Over the last year I saved enough to cover my trip to Zambia and to participate in some “touristy” activities. The trick to traveling on a Peace Corps budget is to find a travel buddy who has the same mentality: travel frugally but don’t be afraid to spend money. Thank you, Celeste, for being that travel buddy.

Victoria Falls area is very touristy and prices are high. We talked about the things we really wanted to do and with Cherie and Laura (PC Zambia friends) we decided we wanted to do an elephant back safari along the Zambezi River. We sucked up our frugality and shelled out the exorbitant money requested. Then early in the morning we ventured out atop elephants and it was beautiful!

While it was marketed as a safari the only animals we saw were guinea fowl and antelope, two animals we have an abundance of in Uganda. The other girls reminded me that we were on elephants and that should be an experience all on its own but a part of me was still disappointed we didn’t see more game.

Elephants are amazing creatures. Their skin is tough and they are covered in little hairs. Their eye lashes are the envy of any woman. They slowly ramble around enjoying life and eating whenever they feel like it. It was fun being with these monstrously sized animals. And it was fun riding through the African prairie and river on top of an elephant.


  1. mandy girl, lets switch lives for a bit. just a bit.

    just showed steve your devils pool post.

  2. SOOOO jealous! However, I do love living vicariously through you :)