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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zambia - Part V: Chishimba Falls with Friends

Medevac Friends: Cherie, Ellyn and Me
A major part of being in Zambia was connecting with my friends there and seeing the country they love and work in. I met both Cherie and Ellyn while I was on medevac in South Africa. Medevac creates some strong bonds. These other volunteers are the only people who really understand what you are going through. They are there to see each step of the process and they themselves are also going through medical problems. Cherie and Ellyn were my support during my last few weeks in South Africa.

So, it was very exciting to meeting up with these friends on their home-turf. Cherie picked us up from the airport and showed us the ropes of Zambia. We traveled south to Victoria Falls and then way up north to Kasama where Ellyn lives. We stayed at Ellyn's house and got to go to school with her and eat meals with her Zambian family. She took us to her market and we cooked at her house. I loved living her life with her for a little bit.

As we were tourist and Ellyn wanted us to see more of her area, the Northern Province, we took two days to traveled deeper into the bush to camp along Chishimba Falls. Chishimba Falls are beautiful falls with several drops. We were able to go swimming here and enjoy one another’s company. Sajay, a PC Zambia volunteer and Sam, a British traveler we met, joined us for this camp out as well.

That night, between 6 Americans and 1 British, we were unable to completely sing through a single song. No one knew all the words to any complete song! Somehow, we found this hilarious and did lots of laughing. We also roasted veggie dogs, made smors (or Ellyn made them for us as we sat around laughing), took a late night dip in the water and danced around the fire. It was a fun night.

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