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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Family Visits Part II: Lake Mburo

Continuing into the Southern Hemisphere, we went to Lake Mburo National Park. Lake Mburo is the smallest park in Uganda but it’s truly a gem. It is the only park that holds a whole host of animals and birds that can only be found in one other park in the country or no other park at all! As we drove in we immediately saw herds of zebra, antelope and warthogs. My family turned and looked at me saying, “Now, we feel like we’re in Africa!”

We drove around the park taking pictures of the many animals. We also got to take a boat out on Lake Mburo. Our eyes couldn’t even take in all the wildlife that was present here. We saw HUGE crocodiles, several schools of hippos, buffalo and rare birds. I would never call my family the bird watching type of family, but this trip awakened an appreciation for birds in all of us. It was just so thrilling to be looking at a beautifully colored bird and be told it is a bird that is only located in this one small park out of the whole world! How cool is that?!

My dad, Melissa and I got to take a walk through the park early in the morning with a park ranger. We followed the animals as they woke up and started grazing and going to the water to drink. I couldn’t believe how close we got to the zebras and Elans (a rare antelope/deer like animal). I continue to be amazed, impressed and thankful for the experiences I have here in Uganda.

Me with Warthog skull
Buffalo asleep with hippos near by in the water
HUGE Crocodile sunning himself
Melissa and I with our "arms"
Park Ranger, Melissa, Dad and I out on an early morning walk through the park
Melissa with a field of Elan, antelope and bush buck behind her
Melissa and Dad bird watching
Dad with morning animals grazing behind him
Cape Buffalo
Bush buck
Melissa and zebras
Here is what my mom has to say about Lake Mburo: “WOW what an amazing place. As we entered the park, Melissa and I went nuts over the cattle with these huge horns. The driver looked at us as if we were a wee bit daft but stopped for us to take pictures. We were so excited! Can you imagine our reaction when we saw our first Zebra? Within the first 5 minutes we had seen just about every animal the national park had! It was as if the rangers had railroad cars full of the different animals and opened the doors as we went by and told the animals to put on a good show for the muzungus. It was unbelievable!!! Zebras, elans, warthogs (my favorite), gazelles, bush bucks, cape buffalo, impalas…. I will have to looks at my pictures to remember them all. Next we took a boat out on the lake and saw hippos, crocodiles, cape buffalo, shoe bill birds (supposed to be almost extinct) fish eagles that looked like our bald eagles, and lots of other birds. Philip and the girls meet an armed ranger at 5:30 am and walked the park and saw even more animals as the sun rose. It was all so amazing.”

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