A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Decisions

After much deliberation and advice seeking, I have finally made my decision. I am leaving Uganda. This comes with a small sense of peace and a lot of heartache. I know this is the right decision and the time is now but it is always hard to leave something you love. I must now begin telling my friends and community here that I am going. I already started and have been surprised with the tears I am meeting. I don't think they really thought I would leave Uganda! I think they thought I would move to Kampala and get a job but not that I'd actually leave the country. Ugandan's rarely cry so when I see my dear friends tear up it also brings the tears to the forefront, a place they are not far from these days. I love Uganda!

It's hard to hear people say they will never see me again, something I can't refute. I hope to come back to Uganda but there is no guarantee I will or that I will see everyone if I do come. These goodbyes are likely final goodbyes. How do you say goodbye to someone forever? Sure, we can try and stay in contact but Ugandan's are forever loosing their phones and phone numbers, they don't have mailboxes and many don't know how to work a computer. I did teach a few of my closest friends how to use e-mail and set them up with accounts so at least we will start there.

And so, the clock is officially ticking down. My house needs to be packed and cleaned out, I'm going to have my last days of work and somehow, I need to say goodbye to everyone I have made a part of my life. 27 months, how did you come so fast?

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  1. what! we need to talk.

    i didn't think you'd leave.

    of course, i'm happy i can dial your cell and talk to you easily now
    but i must say i can't imagine the time you had coming to this decision! amanda, i am feeling for you. and all the people you love and that love you over there.

    remember, we love you here too :)