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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Birthday Party

April 15 is one of the most important days of the year for a few of my dear friends. A best friend from growing up, Ashley, and my current best friend, Grace, call this day their birthday.

Many months ago Grace told me the only thing she wanted was a cake with icing. In Uganda icing/frosting is as hard as a rock. I don't know how to make that kind but I figured she'd like any sugary toping. So, I made her a white cake with pink frosting. I was conducting a workshop in another town and left early in the morning so just left the cake with Annet. When I came back in the late afternoon I found they'd put the cake in the school freezer (that doesn't really freeze and actually only has power to it sparingly) to help the icing, "set" faster. I laughed and told them it was butter frosting and wouldn't harden for some time.

Grace got to pick a few friends to come to her party of eating cake. One thing I really like and appreciate about Ugandan traditions is that the person who is celebrating must serve everyone first before they get their cake. So Grace went around to all her little friends and served them cake first. Then they all split a soda. The party was possibly 10 whole minutes but everyone had a really great time. Despite the frosting not "setting" yet, the cake still went over well:)

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  1. so cute!

    us selfish americans always get served first if its our day - i like ugandan traditions!