A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Phone Calls

Typically, somewhere in the early teen years there is a switch and children start receiving more phone calls then their parents, or so it seems. This trend continues until the child leaves the house and then it is no longer apparent who is receiving more calls. This isn't a contest, it's just natural progression. At least this is what happened in my house with my 4 sisters and myself. Even when I would come home on breaks from college I would have college friends calling to chat or high school friends calling to arrange times to meet up again. Almost every time the phone rang I knew it was for me or my sisters.

Would you believe that the phone in my house now rings all the time? And it is never for me! At the moment, I am the only daughter living at home and still almost every call that comes in is for my dad. How did he become so popular? I even hear his cell phone going off all the time. Now he's receiving continuous calls on the land-line and on his cell phone!

I finally got a cell phone last week. After much indecision I decided it was necessary. I went with the cheapest plan possible which gave me 500 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts. I thought this would be plenty of time since I am used to brief conversations in Uganda and also because of the lack of receiving calls at my current house, it didn't seem like I had that many people to talk to. Well, in 4 days I went through 458 minutes! I guess those repeated 86 minute conversations to Oakland and hour long talks to D.C., Philly, Georgia, and Uganda add up! While, the phone isn't constantly ringing for me, when I do talk to people it is long and in-depth. I treasure these talks and would not have survived the last week in America without them. But, now if you want to talk to me it's going to have to be after 9 pm or on weekends until next month!


  1. speaking of, i called your old number a couple days ago and left a msg for your mom... CALL ME!!! i dont have your number! i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  2. AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!! I need your number!! i also called your mom and left a message on that old number!