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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Words to Describe Sisters

There are many words that jump to mind when someone says the word, "sisters." "Pest," is one that comes to mind the fastest for me. While all my sisters have ways of pestering me, this sister, Ashley, has been the biggest pest lately. Last weekend we went to visit my cousin who just had a baby. Ash practically ran to the bathroom to wash her hands first and then used my face to dry them. She just had to be the first to hold baby Eva. Then, last night, we were out for dinner and she insisted on not taking a serious picture. A pest! I am telling you. But I love her anyways.

Another word I can use with sisters is, "proud." I am very proud of my sisters. Most of the time they work hard and do their best to contribute well to society. They think through their actions. They love other people. And they take time to have fun. I don't always agree with their choices as I'm sure they don't always agree with mine. But I am proud of who they are.

My sister Malou graduated from Medical Assistant school last night. It was the most culturally diverse graduation I have ever attended. Out of about 300 students, there were only a few names that resembled the traditional Scandinavian names I know and grew up with. These students are African-American, Hmong, Somolian, Filipino and so many other ethnicity's. I was very impressed with the support the graduates had from their HUGE ethnic families and friends.

One of the graduates spoke on overcoming difficulties in their lives to make it to graduation day. He spoke of students who had babies during the coarse but finished anyways. Other students who had families at home. Students who were unable to pay their bills. Students who ended their marriages and others who started marriages. This school and program worked with a very different clientele than the population I usually attended schools with. Malou had her fair share of troubles too and I am so proud of her for finishing!

I was very encouraged to see the level of support these students had from their families and friends. Maybe it is a different kind of support than I have had but if the mass number in attendance is any indication, despite the social and economic backgrounds of these students, they are loved and people are proud of them just like I love and am proud of my sister Malou.

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  1. Oh sister, the interesting part of your blog is that you only get YOUR perspective of things. That is my natural face and one that you have missed for 2 1/2 long years. Also, I believe it was you who initiated drying your hands on MY face. I just followed the roll model of my dear older sister.