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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Road Trip

Driving through Utah - beautiful!
After a schedule packed week of job training in Denver, I was given a car and directions to my new home in San Francisco. I am managing a team who will connect youth to volunteer opportunities in the city. I have three fantastic college-age staff members who are enthusiastic, hard-working, dedicated and fun. We road-tripped out to San Francisco and took the time to see a few sites along the way. It was a unanimous consensus that Utah is the most beautiful State we drove through. We could have done without most of Wyoming (especially the snow storm we drove through) and Nevada but still found things to enjoy in all the States along the way to the California coast.

We spent the night in the middle of no-where Nevada. I had not been very excited about this prospect and thought Reno may provide more entertainment. However, Reno was 500 miles further than we were able to go. What seemed like a sketchy little town full of casinos and gentleman's clubs, turned out to be a really fun night for us. We ate at a local bar and played pool sharing crazy life stories. We kept each other entertained with Philip's terrible dating stories, my becoming a true PCV stories, Maggie's beating up her sister stories and Jake's road-trip with college friends stories. We had moments of laughing so hard tears were coming out of eyes and other times of showing our weaknesses as the cue ball jumped off the pool table once again. I am learning more and more about these dear people and am excited for the team we will make this summer.

We walked all the way out to the Salt Lake

Salt Lake

Maggie, Jake and Philip with salty shoes and dirty feet from walking to Salt Lake

Team at the Nevada boarder trying to use the camera timer

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  1. Love the YouthWorks chaco's and athletic shorts.