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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Galapagos Islands Part II: Snorkeling

Everyday we went snorkeling, sometimes twice a day. We went both deep-water and shallow-water snorkeling. Deep-water snorkeling was by far the best because we got to see so much life. This is also were the sea lions would hang out and swim with you. While we did see sharks and a whale we didn't swim with them. However, every other sea creature imaginable was with us as we snorkeled.

Jen says, "Our snorkeling places were great. We went underwater and there were fish everywhere. We got to swim with the seal lions and watched as they slid in and off the rocks and swirled and twirled underwater. Amanda and I saw a sea turtle. We got some great pictures with the underwater camera." Yay for underwater camera bags!

Sea lion playing Sea turtle

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