A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Monday, May 23, 2011

Picking-up Where You Left Off

I learned many things while in the Peace Corps. One is that I want to work in a community development/social work kind of setting. Since finishing the Peace Corps, I have been able to travel and ease my way back into life in the States. Now, as my bank account approaches the red, I find myself needing to work. But not being completely sure of what I want to do or where I want to go, I decided a short-term assignment might just be the best next step. So, I am finding myself in Denver for a week of training and then I'm off for San Francisco for the summer to work connecting youth to volunteer opportunities in the community.

I have many friends all over the United States, and really the world, and I try and connect with them whenever I find myself near their homes. The sunny state of Colorado is home to a good friend of mine who lived on my floor my freshmen year of college. When I found out I had to be in Denver for a week of training, I called Lindsay to see if she wanted to meet up and catch-up. Today, she made the drive from Colorado Springs and picked me up from the airport.

Being the thoughtful friend she is, she took me to a great breakfast place down-town that served excellent mimosas and gluten-free foods! I had a delicious German Chocolate pancake with a pomegranate orange mimosas. Wonderful! Even more wonderful was the time we had to catch-up and hash out life together. There are friends that can pick-up with you anytime and you keep going where you left off. It was a heart warming/wrenching/healing time to be with Lindsay and I am thoroughly happy for the special time we had today.


  1. you're in denver?? we live in denver!!

    telltale photo of snooze. let's get coffee?