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Monday, September 19, 2011

A MN Cultural Night

My friend Paul is into Minnesota cultural events. In August, my friend Lauren was visiting me from Philadelphia and Paul told us about the annual A Prairie Home Companion Street Dance that would happen in September. This event is to kick off the opening of a new season of A Prairie Home Companion by Garrison Keillor. They broadcast the show on the street in front of the theater and after the show the night is full of live music, contests, meatball and mash potato dinner and dancing.

Paul goes to this event every year so I planned to also attend. When I was in South America I told the girls I was traveling with about it and JaNahn admitted to her huge crush on Garrison Keillor and became adamant about attended as well. She even heard about the Loon call competition and practiced all along the Amazon River. Lauren happened to be in town for work this week and extended her ticket to spend the weekend with me. So it was Lauren, JaNahn, Paul and I who hit up a true Minnesota cultural event.

It was really fun to see so many proud Minnesotans and visitors hanging out on Exchange Street in St. Paul all excited about Minnesota accents and Loon calls. It was also fun to see Lauren, who grew up in South Jersey and now lives in Philadelphia, experience something so Minnesotan.

JaNahn beaming from being in the presence of Garrison Keillor
Garrison Keillor moderating the Loon call competition

Afterwards, Paul took us around to a few other St. Paul, Minnesota hot spots. Here are Lauren and I at Mickey's Diner.

I find it strange yet normal to have different lives converge. Paul is a friend from growing up and represents so much of Minnesota to me. Lauren is a college roommate and my life out East. Yet, we all meld together somehow despite our different cultures. It really is beautiful.

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