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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Love the North East!

The North East holds another really important person for me: my sister Ang. She is in her last semester of college and when she wasn't writing for the Boston Globe, planning graduation, working or going to class, she made a bit of time for her best older sister. I introduced her to some of my favorite old hang-outs. We drove around taking in the charm of New England. I listened to all her problems and gave sound advice (at least I think so). She graciously rubbed my back as we snuggled in bed - well, there may have been a few complaints but she did it! We also walked a few beaches in there too.

Notice Ang still has that bright-eyed look of the young and innocent to her.
I, on the other hand, am brow furrowed from the harshness of life.
Or, maybe it was just our individual responses to the sun in our eyes:

It was fun seeing a part of her life. Ang asked if it was weird seeing her in Boston. We never lived there at the same time. Other friends asked if it was strange seeing them 3 years later now with husbands, children, houses, driving BMW's and Saub's. It was different, yes, but it seemed normal too. It's a natural progression. They're living life, I'm living life. Those exterior changes are interesting to see but it's the interior ones I want to grow with them through and hope they grow with me.

While the biggest part of what I love about the North East is the people, I also absolutely love the ocean and the beach. It is probably my favorite place in the world. Any large body of water does it for me but there is just something extra special about the ocean. It brings me peace and calm. I find rest there. I tried to get in as much beach time as I could on this visit. I even made it to the water in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine! And I was honored to be along for Bridget's son Parker's first trip to the beach. He loved it, of course!

Fall in New England is a time for apple picking, going on drives to see the vibrant changing of leaves, apple cider donuts, hay rides, pumpkin ice-cream and last minute trips to the beach when it is a surprisingly warm day. When I was in college and even after, my friends and I would drive up to Ipswich to walk through a corn maze and buy fresh fall produce. Outside of the corn maze there is a measuring stick to mark your growth over the year. Since I started going there I haven't grown. Every year it says the same thing and every year I am a little disappointed. At least I'm not shrinking...yet...
Five Years Later...
And so I left the East Coast, the same size I have been for years, with baby spit up on every outfit I brought, sand sticking to my toe nails and so much love in my heart for the beauty of the area, the memories I have and most of all for the deep friendships that pass the tests. Goodbye New England. Until next time...

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  1. baby spit up! could that be parker?!

    and you look so much younger in the corn maze pic from way back! i guess we have grown up, eh?