A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Atuhe Daphine

Atuhe Daphine was my next girl to be selected to attend Camp GLOW. When I told Daphine she had been chosen she broke out in laughter that turned to crying she was so happy and excited. She now comes to my door almost daily thanking me for getting her into camp and promising me she will learn everything and become a great Ugandan woman leader. Daphine is a boarding student at St. Theresa Gayaza Girls Primary School in P6. Her English is one of the best of my girls who are going to camp. This is what Daphine had to say:

Regarding what she would do if she was a village headwoman: “I would introduce adult learning for those who never went to school. I would get a counselor to sensitise my people about diseases like HIV/AIDS and STI’s plus other problems. I would train people especially women to become self-reliant. Most of the women in my area become mothers when they are still young at the age of 13 – 20 when they have not completed school and not educated enough to know what they should do for their family that makes them entirely dependant on their spouses and yet they also (the spouses) have low income jobs. So as a headwoman in my village I would encourage my fellow women (especially the young ones) to engage in self economic projects mostly home industry like farming (growing crops for sale), poultry beginning from local breeds because they are easy to feed and resistant to diseases, home baking of cookies and biscuits for sale to the nearest market.”

Regarding why she wants to attend Camp GLOW: “I want to attend Camp GLOW because I want to learn activities like health education, life skills, career goals, sports, and creative arts. These activities will help me gain skills to lead to a happy, healthy and successful life.”

*Daphines’s sentences, spelling and grammar are typed exactly as she wrote them on her paper.

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