A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nassiwa Zam

The next girl from my community who gets to attend Camp GLOW is Nassiwa Zam. Nassiwa is “lame” which is Uganda has several meanings. In Nassiwa’s case it means her hip is turned out and she waddles from side to side when she walks. Nassiwa’s English is the worst. She is currently in S1 (Senior level 1). Nassiwa lives at a home for disabled girls and attends St. Noah's Senor Secondary day school. This is what she wrote:

Regarding being a village headwoman: “I would that all the women in my community how gaining from work. Example farming. Teaching them the family planning methods. eg. control birth rate in the country.”

Regarding advice to a ten-year-old sister:
“I seand her to learn form schools or matron. I tell her respects of elders. She should love herself as a woman.”

Regarding why she wants to go to Camp GLOW:
“I want to learn now to head the country. I want confidence to be me. I want to be respect”

*Nassiwa Zam’s writing appears as it was scribbled on her application.

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  1. oh my word. her english could use some help but i like what she's writing--respect, confidence! you go girl!

    (we got cut off the other day. boo :( i need to add more $ to my pennytalk account and call u back).