A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kwagala Solome

Not to give preferential treatment in any way, I must admit I am glad Kwagala Solome gets to go to camp. Solome and her family have a special place in my heart. Solome’s mom is a teacher at the school I live at and her younger sister is a student here. They are always so positive, friendly and kind. Solome is the girl I made a birthday cake for a few months back. Solome is a day scholar in S2 (Senior level 2). During the holiday’s she works for a community farm to raise money to help pay for her schooling. Secondary school is very expensive in Uganda. This is what Solome wrote on her Camp GLOW application:

Regarding how she would help her community if she was a headwoman:
“I would advise them to build small scale businesses like selling in shops so as people without employment may get some little money and job opportunities so as to improve on their standards of living. This is also important because it may help them to look after their children.

I would call for meetings and advise them on how to obtain income through different jobs through work. I would also have to explain to them that work is the best thing one may do in order to achieve his or her goals. Like people who have big houses work for them. And this would change their attitude towards work. I would also have to explain to them that even ‘dirty’ jobs generate income. Some people believe that white collar jobs are best but even the blue collar jobs, ie. ‘dirty jobs’, are income generators.”

Regarding advice to a 10-year-old sister
: “I would also advise her to learn how to care for others and their property because if she had a business she cannot just leave her customers and through business, she can become a successful woman.”

*Solome’s writing is typed as she wrote it on paper.

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