A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kyakuwa Rose Mary

Kyakuwa Rose Mary is the final girl from my community selected to attend Camp GLOW. Rose Mary always ducks her head and gives me a shy smile out of the corner of her mouth when I see her. She also stays at the home for disabled girls. Rose Mary is lame with club foot and I would guess her to have a form of cerebral palsy.Her English is pretty awful and she is in Primary 6. This is what Rose Mary has to say:

Regarding being a good citizen: “I follow the rules of my country. I love my country so much.”

Regarding advice to a ten-year-old sister: “Take time to education. By respect of elders. Love herself as a woman.”

Regarding why she wants to attend Camp GLOW: “But me want to learn good behaviors and good manners. I want to learn work in Camp GLOW for girls.”

*Kyakuwa Rose Mary wrote her responses exactly as they appear.

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