A Reflection of My Life after living in Uganda as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Living an Expat Life

I'm writing this from the comfort of "America" in Uganda. It's truly amazing. I'm house and cat sitting for an American embassy worker. Makes me think more and more I could do the ex-pat life for quite some time. If only I could get a good job without having to have a masters and 5 more years of international experience. When is it ever enough?

I told myself I was going to use this weekend to start working on my resume, researching grad schools and thinking about life after Peace Corps - a very daunting thought, let me tell you. While this is slowly happening I have also made time for a few vital tasks. I have: washed my clothes in A MACHINE, made a latte from A MACHINE, used a STOVE TOP and MICROWAVE to cook, taken out vegetables from THE CRISPER in a REFRIGERATOR, bathed not in a bucket but a BATHTUB, wiped myself with real TOILET PAPER after using the TOILET and checked my e-mail from WIRELESS INTERNET that's FREE! Again, I could easily see myself living this life. And the next time a Ugandan tells me Americans use machines to do everything for us, I am not going to argue. Maybe if they had all these machines they would be developed too!

This house also comes with AFN (I think it stands for Armed Forces Network) which is American television supplied to military members living abroad. So as I drink my morning coffee I also get to watch Good Morning America. It is here I saw the month of September was another month of jobs being cut in the USA which brings me back to the task at hand, I have to be serious about thinking of my future. Here goes!


  1. What an incredibly exciting life you must lead. Wow!

  2. pretty crazy how you can be in such different places so quickly, we're feeling like Oakland is a bit similar in that way (also Jenelle says you would love Oakland about once a week) (also she really misses you, and I miss you as much as you can miss someone you've never met)